01/12/2016 Newsletter


01/12/2016 Newsletter

The Fighting Fit/Crossfit Bad Boys 
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Member Spotlight – Ken McGauley
Personal Training
Winter Food Drive
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January Class Updates
Competition Training Class beginning 1/9 @10am
Booty Camp Class beginning 1/13 @7pm
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Monthly Motivation
A 15-minute intense workout is only 1% of your day, and it can get you in the best shape of your life. What’s your excuse?
January/2016 Newsletter

NEW “Competition Training” class 
Beginning January 9th , a “Competition Training” class will be added

 to the schedule every Saturday morning at 10am. If you are a Crossfit student interested in competing in the future, you will want to attend this coached class. This will NOT be a typical Crossfit class.

NEW “Booty Camp” class 
Beginning January 13th , a “Booty Camp” class will be added to the schedule every Wednesday night from 7-8pm.  This class is open to ALL MEMBERSHIPS for a trial period until further notice.
Booty Camp uses the same intensity and training methodology of

CrossFit, but without the dedicated heavy lifting or technical barbell lifts. Its main emphasis is on conditioning. Yes, it can still get you stronger, but we’re not honing in on increasing one repetition max strength. 

This class will be for ANY and ALL fitness levels and will  include a variety of total body exercises with a primary focus on using your own body weight in combination with light free weights, steps, kettlebells, etc.
It’s a perfect match for the ladies who are intrigued by CrossFit and the results it achieves, but may be a little reluctant to hammer out heavy Olympic lifts as part of their normal training regimen.
Try this class and expect to SWEAT and WORK YOUR BOOTY off for an hour!

Checking in on Facebook now helps a Charity!
This January, you can provide a winter coat to a person in need just by
checking in on Facebook every time you’re at The Fighting Fit/Crossfit  Bad Boys. We’ve partnered with Sweat Angels and a great charity called  Soles4Souls to make this possible. For every 15 Facebook check-ins  our gym receives, Sweat Angels will provide one winter coat on  behalf of The Fighting Fit! So don’t forget to check in on Facebook each time you’re here. For more information  about this month’s cause, visit soles4souls.org.
The Fighting Fit/Crossfit Bad Boys will be partnering with a different charity each month and we will be sure to keep you updated on the details.
If you are unsure about how to “check-in” to a location on Facebook, please don’t hesitate to stop in the office and ask!

Upload Your Pics to the NEW Website!
The new and improved Fighting Fit/Crossfit BadBoys website has been launched!
If you have any pictures that you would be willing to share on the website, please follow the link below. We are looking for as many new pictures as possible!

 Member Spotlight – Ken McGauley
This month The Fighting Fit is recognizing Ken McGauley for his consistent hard work and dedication in the gym. He is always ready to make us laugh and always there to encourage those around him. Thank you Ken for keeping us smiling!
“My name is Ken McGauley. I am 61 years old and if you ask me how I feel, I will (most days) tell you “tired and sore”. But of course, for most of you in Crossfit, you already know that this is normal and probably a good thing. If you tell me Crossfit is fun, I will tell you that you don’t know what “fun” actually means. But really, the people at TFF are genuinely FUN and supportive. There is always someone rooting you on and encouraging you to give it your all.
This all started with my wife, who has been at TFF longer than me and who always told me that I should try it and insisted that I would like it. She was pretty persistent! Finally, I gave in. Well, I can’t lie – I do! Yes, it is tough sometimes (OK, all the time) but it is well worth it. At present I have lost approximately 50lbs and feel much better and healthier than I have in a long time. My blood work has changed dramatically, some of my medications have been decreased, and my doctor is pretty pleased with the changes I’ve made.
Recently, I competed in a Seniors’ Competition. It was probably the best sports competition I have ever been apart of! The people there were great. Sure, I came in last place, but that didn’t matter because the Crossfit community is made up of terrific, non-judgmental people, and I enjoyed the event so much!
I’d like to give a big shout out to my coaches and all the people at TFF who encourage me to do my best. It is my honor to work out with all of you! Thanks!”

 Personal Training
With the New Year here, why not make 2016 the year you get in the best shape of your life. Have you ever thought about supplementing your workouts with a personal trainer who can help you achieve your health and fitness goals?

The sessions are one-on-one and personalized to each client. So whether you’re looking to get stronger, live a healthier lifestyle, learn weight lifting techniques, or you simply don’t know where to begin when it comes to the machines, our personal trainers are here to help you pass your hurdle. Todd Montroy and Gabby Bellissimo are well-versed with clients of all ages and body types. Contact the office if you are interested in a personal training session.

Winter Food Drive 
Big thanks to everyone who donated to the food drive this holiday season. We were able to donate a full box of non-perishable food items. However, with the cold winter months to follow, we will continue collecting non-perishable food items for Friendship Baptist Church.

The box is located just outside the lobby and we will be collecting until further notice.

Member Rewards
Don’t forget! As a member of The Fighting Fit, we receive discounts at local restaurants, health food stores, salons, etc. Please be sure you are utilizing these offers! Simply show your key tag at any of the following businesses for your discount:
1. Slip Mahoney’s
2. Biggby (Trenton)
3. Biggby (Southgate)
4. Yogurt Town (Wyandotte)
5. Alex Mediterranean Cuisine
6. R.P McMurphy’s
7. Bourbons on Sycamore
8. Rosie O’Gradys
9. Six Star Family Restaurant
10. Little Pierogie & Crepe
11. Garden Bowl/Sgt. Pepperoni
1. Krave Salon
2. Advanced Holistic Health
3. 3152 Studio
4. Massages by Katherine
5. Daybreak Salon – Massages with Angela
6. Beauty by JLynn
Health Food Stores:
1. Nutrition to Fit
2. Trentwood Farms (Woodhaven & Allen Park)
3. Nutrition Unlimited
4. Better Health Market
1. Top Gun Shooting Sports
2. Stick Figure Studio
3. Personal Training with Todd or Gabby
4. Sparkling Diamond Cleaning
5. RL Concetti
6. QDP Oil & Lube Center
7. Electronic Brain Solutions
8. ItWorks Body Wraps
9. Fantasy Finishes Painting
10. Do It All Handymen & Home Improvement
11. Michele Maloney Photography
12. Susie Ferrier Seamstress
13. All Sorted Out – Organizing Service
14. Shakeology by Stephanie Keith

Fitness Facts 
1. It Takes 48-72 hours for a muscle to fully recover after a strenuous strength training session.
2. No amount of exercising will build muscle without proper nutrition.
3. Rowing is an excellent way to do an upper body strength workout and a cardio workout simultaneously.
4. Exercising can lead to an increase in muscle tissue well into old age.
5. One pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories. So stop and think next time you order your Starbucks Vanilla Latte which is 400+ calories.
Do you know someone who would be interested in trying a Crossfit, Kickboxing or Krav Maga class?
Forward the following link to your friends and have them fill out the form. They will receive a FREE WEEK TRIAL (January exclusive only) if they mention your name!
* Free trial for new members only