Abdulla Alhassani – November 2017


Abdulla Alhassani – November 2017

“At the very outset, I found the workouts terribly excruciating and particularly taxing on my frail and rusty limbs. My form was rather poor, so I to had unlearn much of what I knew and pay particular attention to the technique. The trainers – though stern and
unrelenting- were incredibly friendly however. Barry, Todd, Jaimie, Bobby, Gabby, Joey, Mike, Wayne (pardon moi if I failed to mention anyone) are always willing to help and never shy away from sharing their wealth of knowledge. They are incredibly committed to their craft and are heavily devoted to improving everyone around them.
Perhaps it goes without saying, but glancing at the board before the start of class is certainly daunting.  It’s something I can perhaps never grow accustomed to. At times, the warm up alone is enough to make one’s heart leap from their chest. Dazed and confused I wrestle with my cognitive dissonance and ask: why in God’s sweet name did I venture into this dungeon? Are burpees even legal?  If so, what purpose do they serve and can we as a society abolish them as a whole? Referendum anyone?
In spite of my thespian tendencies, the feeling of successfully completing a grueling workout alongside yourdearswolemates is ineffable. Why, it swells the chest with pride. From them, my dear TFF family, I can only draw inspiration! To them, I waddle my back the very next day, brimming with enthusiasm and eager to start the WOD. How incredibly motivating they are! With them, is ALL my confidence!”
1) How long have you been a member?
I believe two and half years? Perhaps longer I daresay. Nearly three, but not entirely sure.

2) What are your hobbies?
Reading (Utterly pretentious, I know)
3) what do you do for a living?
I’m a Trade Commissioner with the Consulate General of Canada in Detroit.
4) How were you first introduced to the fighting fit?
To be perfeclty frank, I merely googled it. Went out to a few gyms and found TFF was leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.
5) What is your favorite movement or skill?
May be a little peculiar – and entirely masochistic-, but I enjoy the weighted sled push and pull.
6) What crossfit/kickboxing/krav accomplishment are you most proud of?
Building my aerobic capacity.

7) What is your favorite song/music to workout to?
Certainly not Sally up, but I do enjoy techno.

8) What goal would you like to accomplish next?
Continue to increase my flexibility and strength.