Brandon Stachak – September 2017


Brandon Stachak – September 2017

“Before I got into CrossFit I was super shy, had little
muscle and zero confidence in myself. As soon as my parents found Bad Boys/the Fighting Fit I jumped right into CrossFit and believe me once you start CrossFit you will never be the same again. You will be a better person and become stronger and more confident in yourself.

The instructors are great and will help you become stronger physically and mentally regardless of your age. The junior CrossFit instructors are Matt and Joey. They are both funny, have positive attitudes and will always push you to be better. I have been in CrossFit for almost two years and I’m very happy that I picked such a great place.
When I started it was a rough ride at 1st but I hung in there and with the help and encouragement of my instructors, parents and classmates I continued to become stronger and more confident. I have a long way to go but look forward to the challenges ahead.
CrossFit Bad Boys/The Fighting Fit has changed my life”
1) Where did you grow up? Grosse Ile
2) What are your hobbies? CrossFit, Legos, Drawing
3) What do you do for a living? Student
4) How were you first introduced to The Fighting Fit? My parents enrolled me in it
5) What is your favorite movement or skill? Backsquat
6) What crossfit/kickboxing/krav accomplishment are you most proud of? When I deadlifted 115lbs
7) What is your favorite song/music to workout to? Alternative & Rock
8) What goal would you like to accomplish next? Increase my rowing distance and upper body strength

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  1. Lynn Sheehan

    Proud of you Brandon!! You’re a great young man, and I’m glad you found something that you”re so passionate about. Keep up the good work. I’ve seen the changes in you both socially and physically. Keep it up!!