#bricks4schools in June @ The Fighting Fit/CrossFit Badboys


#bricks4schools in June @ The Fighting Fit/CrossFit Badboys

Hello JUNE! In case you didn’t know, The Fighting Fit/CrossFit Badboys is a Sweat Angels location! What does that mean? Just for “checking-in” on social media while you’re here training means that you help a special cause, which changes monthly! Let’s recap may shall we?

Last month, we partnered with Guiding Eyes – a charity that provides seeing eye dogs for the blind. Just for checking in on Facebook or tagging yourself on Instagram, our members provided 235 bowls of dog food for dogs in training! WOW! Way to go!

This June, we are partnering with buildOn to provide bricks to build schools in developing nations! Every 6 check-ins will provide one brick to build a school. buildOn’s mission is to build schools in villages that historically have had no adequate school structure. buildOn has built more than 1000 schools in seven countries around the world: Burkina Faso, Haiti, Mali, Malawi, Nepal, Nicaragua and Senegal. This month, check-ins at our location are going towards building a school in Malawi. If you want to learn more about buildOn, you can check them out at http://www.buildon.org. The hashtag this month is #bricks4schools. Thanks for checking in to help build a school in Malawi!

The simple act of checking-in on social media does SO much good. We will see you in class!