Steve Dutton – July 2017


Steve Dutton – July 2017

Big Congrats to Steve Dutton, our July Member of the Month! Steve joined The Fighting Fit 5 years ago, and is a top notch CrossFit student. He pushes hard on the floor and inspires those around him to push a little harder as well. Steve is fearless when it comes to attacking a WOD. His positive attitude and encouragement towards others as well as his dedication towards self-improvement is why the Coaches have chosen him as our Member of the Month. Congrats Steve, we are lucky to have you as part of this community.


“I have been a member at the Fighting Fit for a little over 5 years now. I can still remember the first week of workouts. Every muscle in my body was so incredibly sore. When I tried to get out of bed in the mornings it literally looked as if it was the very first time ever I tried using these things called legs.
Holy cow was I out of shape.

I started out with the Kickboxing and H.I.I.T. classes. After about a year, The Fighting Fit started offering Crossfit classes and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Attending classes on a regular basis at The Fighting Fit has helped me live a healthy lifestyle. The results I have received from participating in TFF classes are amazing. At 48 years old, I’m in the best physical shape of my life. Being healthy and in good shape not only helps me in my normal daily living, but it is a huge advantage for me working as an action actor and stuntman.

The Fighting Fit is so much more than a gym. It truly is family and a big part of my life. The coaching is top notch and the members are all very supportive and friendly. It’s an atmosphere where everyone can come, forget about your daily stress and focus on yourself for an hour.

There is nothing more encouraging and motivating than working out with friends. Pushing through tough workouts together and then picking each other up from the floor, dripping from your own pool of sweat. Trying to inhale as much air as humanly possible with each breath because you swear someone cut off the oxygen. Staring at each other with deformed smiles and crossed eyes. Both knowing we’re going to be back here tomorrow to do it all over again!”