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February  Updates
 The Treadmill and StairMaster are now in working order!
Thanks everyone for waiting patiently until they could be repaired.
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A training program is only as good as the amount of HEART you’re willing to put into it.
February/2016 Newsletter

Another month, another cause!  For the month of  February, we’re partnering with  Sweat Angels and working with Best Friends Animal Society to provide care for shelter animals. For over 30 years, Best Friends Animal Society has been running the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals and building effective programs all across the country that reduce the number of animals entering shelters.
All you need to do to help is check-in at The Fighting Fit or Crossfit Bad Boys on Facebook each time you are at the gym. For every 5 check-ins, an hour of care will be provided to a shelter animal.
So get off the couch and train, check-in, tag your friends & let’s work together to provide some real world good.
If you are unsure about how to “check-in” to a location on Facebook, please don’t hesitate to stop in the office and someone can help!
For the month of January, we had a total of 613 check-ins. This means The Fighting Fit/Crossfit Bad Boys was able to help provide 40 winter coats to the Soles4Souls charity.
FEBRUARY GOAL: 700 check-ins
(which would provide 140 hours of animal shelter care)
 Are you up for the challenge?

The Fighting Fit/Crossfit Bad Boys is now officially on Social Media. To celebrate this launch we want YOU to start capturing your moments at the gym and post them to Instagram/Facebook. Don’t be shy, we look forward to seeing your photos as they are motivation and encouragment for everyone.
With that being said, we will be holding a Photo Contest in February!
Take as many pictures as you desire related to TFF/CFBB and post them to your social media. Be sure to include either the hashtag #THEFIGHTINGFIT (or) #CROSSFITBADBOYS.
Examples of pictures include  Pre or Post workout pics, training pics, nutrition pics, fellow friends/gym members, before and after pics, etc. Photos do not have to include you in it if you don’t want – we are simply looking for motivational, inspiring and encouraging photos which represent what our community is all about.
At the end of the month, we will be posting several of your uploaded photos to the main website along with the official social media sites. We will also be choosing a few winners who will take home TFF/CFBB merchandise, free passes, drink coupons, etc.
Contest will run until the end of February. We look forward to seeing your photos! Any questions, please see the office.
Be sure to check out and “LIKE” our official Instagram and Facebook pages by searching the following –
Instagram: @thefightingfit_crossfitbadboys
Facebook: “The Fighting Fit (Wyandotte, MI)” or “Crossfit BadBoys” 

The Fighting Fit/Crossfit Bad Boys now has a YouTube channel. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding several videos which will feature our coaches explaining Olympic lifts and techniques. This is a great way for you to watch videos at home if you feel you need to freshen up.
To access the YouTube channel, simply head to and click on the “YouTube” icon at the top of the page.

It doesn’t matter if your main sport is Crossfit, Kickboxing, Spinning, or Yoga – everyone should add Krav Maga to their training (or at least give it a try).
Krav Maga is the main self-defense system taught at the Fighting Fit since 2001. It is not a traditional martial art like judo, karate, wrestling, jiu jitsu, taekwondo, or other popular contact combat sports-oriented martial arts. Here are a few reasons why Krav Maga self defense deserves your serious consideration…


1. It’s Easy to Learn.
It was designed to be the world’s most practical yet lethal self defense and fighting system based on natural body movements and logical, common sense defense principles so that men, women and children of all ages, sizes and physical talents could learn how to defend themselves.
2. It is Reality Based
Krav training involves movements based on your body’s natural reactions. You are trained to react to attacks from a point of disadvantage to simulate real-life scenarios that could occur on the streets. In addition to being easy to learn, the self defense and fighting techniques of the Krav system are designed to work in violent and uncontrolled environments that a person could potentially face on the streets.
3. No Holds-Barred
Unlike traditional forms of martial arts, the Krav fighting system is not limited by sports-oriented rules. Students are taught to defend themselves against an attack – no matter what. Anything goes – groin kicks, eye-gouging, head butts … whatever it takes.
4. You Will Become a Badass
Nothing boosts confidence levels like knowing you are legitimately prepared for whatever. Very few people have any formal self-defense or fight training. As a result, in tense situations where most people lose it, you will keep your cool. If something ever does go down, you’re ready.

 Member Spotlight
This month the coaches are recognizing Juan Benavides for his continued hard work and dedication to changing his lifestyle in order to get healthier. He is always willing to learn something new and continuously looking for ways to better himself. Thanks Juan for impressing us with your unfailing dedication and drive.

“I started doing Krav Maga at the Fighting Fit over two years ago. I am a big guy so I never really felt comfortable, which is why I never went consistently. In my mind I felt that no one wanted to train with the big fat guy. About a year ago, after Krav Maga class one day, I was talking with a few guys and told them how I felt. I told them no one would want to train with me and the reasons. To be honest, they made me feel welcomed and encouraged. Not only that, Barry has been great. I asked him to help me with my weight, because I realized if I don’t lose weight it won’t be good for my overall health.
Since I have been coming regularly I have lost about 20 pounds. I’m sure it could have been more than that by now, but I’m still learning how to eat right. I passed my level 1 test in Krav Maga, and hope to take my level 2 test sometime this year. I have met a bunch of people that have encouraged me not to quit, and are willing to take the time to help me get better at Krav. The thing I like most about The Fighting Fit is that everyone is family. I’ve met some great people here.. people that I now call friends.”

Without muscle, your bones, joints, and ligaments are considerably more vulnerable to age-related decline and injury. In particular, building core strength protects your spine, which is key to a healthy musculoskeletal system. In fact, a healthy, straight spine is pretty much the definition of youth and anti-aging.
Do you know someone who would be interested in trying a Crossfit, Kickboxing or Krav Maga class?
Forward the following link to your friends and have them fill out the form. They will receive a FREE WEEK TRIAL if they mention your name!
* Free trial for new members only