Phyllis Gardner – December 2016


Phyllis Gardner – December 2016

My Fighting Fit journey began a few years ago when I was feeling a little fat and tired. I needed to do something, needed something to happen and then it appeared….GROUPON! That GROUPON introduced me to CrossFit and literally changed my life. Now, it took a minute to get going consistently (about a year Lol) but once I was fully committed and engaged, the results and benefits manifested. CrossFit is COLOSSAL! It is motivation, determination, expectation, realization and ADDICTING!
Once you get started you can’t stop. You don’t want to stop. You are motivated to constantly challenge yourself and reach goals you never believed were attainable, and then you actively seek more goals to accomplish. The Fighting Fit community is phenomenal. The trainers are awesome and so very supportive. The same is true of the members that comprise the Fighting Fit community. So much encouragement is offered during your challenges and victories are celebrated as a collective. 

I remember when I first started and Barry taught classes more regularly than he does now. It was during a WOD and I was a few rounds behind everyone else and he walked over and whispered that I wouldn’t have to complete the last round. He did this a few times and I had come to expect it. Then one day as I was struggling, he walked over and I just knew he was going to scale me, but to my surprise he was just keeping me company until I finished. Lol. Yep, it was good while it lasted but that was the end of my workouts being scaled. 

I often hear at TFF that “routine is the enemy” and both CF and KB are always versatile and challenging in instruction. Not much of a runner but once again the mental and physical prowess gained through training at TFF has you doing things like running 10k’s and half-marathons which I did this year. 

But I believe my biggest accomplishment thus far was entering the “Master
s” competition in November with a fellow athlete. After reviewing the WOD’s we both contemplated taking a $65 loss and not attending. But encouragement from a couple of other fellow athletes convinced us to “not give up” and we attended. Good move! As a first time competitor I medaled in my AG! 2nd Place! I felt like a throwback from the 2016 Rio Olympics. Lol! I call CrossFit my SUPERPOWER! What’s yours?”