What is this Women's

6-Week Challenge?

What is this Women's 6-Week Challenge?

 We strive to help women achieve their goals during the 6 weeks in a HEALTHY, MANAGEABLE, and MAINTAINABLE way. This isn’t a quick fix or magical pill and there are no gimmicks. This will be your first step towards lifelong healthy living. 

How Does the Challenge work?

Your class will meet on the following days/times:


Monday @ 7pm

Tuesday @ 7pm

Wednesday @ 7pm

Thursday @ 7pm


If you are unable to attend a specific day, that's ok! We have other classes you can attend to make up your missed day. 


In addition to these times, you are invited and encouraged to attend numerous other classes in which we offer. These supplemental classes are included in your challenge price!


You will be Coached the entire class. The group will start and end together, with everyone working as a team.


AND All women participating in the challenge will be able to attend a Nutrition Seminar.

Do Any of These Hit Close to Home?

Not feeling ready for bathing suit season?

Looking for a stress relief?

Have a big event coming up, such as a wedding or vacation?

Feeling unhappy with yourself?

Looking to meet new friends & find a new hobby?

Jeans feeling too tight?

When Does the Challenge Start?

The 6-Week Challenge kicks off on FEBRUARY 15th

Registration opens JANUARY 11th. 

What is the cost of the Challenge & How Do I Register?

Registration cost is $275. 

Must register IN-PERSON or give us a call

Limited spots available!

Any Other Questions?

Give us a call or contact us!

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